Razack, former NIT student, shares his success story

For this reason, the former NIT student Razack Kasanga is one of ‘Work Ready Graduates’ who joined Car and General Trading Ltd on 18th June 2018 as an Assembly Supervisor, he joined as a new graduate from NIT with no experience but the company trusted Razack and gave him the supervisory role where he managed a team of 22 technicians. Continue reading.

Question: How would you sum up your career at Car and General Trading Ltd?

Answer: I am currently working as an area sales manager here at Car and General Trading Ltd; I also have experience in shop management, assembly production and field service activities.

I was employed in this company on June 18, 2018 as an assembly supervisor. I joined NIT as a fresh graduate with no experience, but the company trusted me and gave me the role of supervisor where I managed a team of 22 technicians.

Eight months later, I was promoted to foreman. I held this position for a year, I was again promoted to Service manager, that is to say to manage the workshop operations and the field service activities (service team on the ground).

It didn’t take long to get promoted, I was moved into sales, my current role in the company, an area sales manager. The company trusted me, saw the potential in me that could help contribute to the continued success of the company.

It was not difficult for me to transition from engineering roles to sales and management roles. As you move up in the job, the company demands more of you and assigns you more important roles within the company. I took the changes positively and was ready to change my mind, now I enjoy working as a sales manager, also helping the team achieve company goals while developing their professionals .

The technical knowledge, skills and engineering management I learned at NIT helped me perform well at every stage and in every task given to me.

In the area I manage, with no sales experience, in just 11 months, sales have gone from 1% market share to 23%, making it the company’s first growth area.

Now I’ve become one of the company’s top sales leaders, a mentor to other areas, and organized onboarding programs for new hires in technical and business skills. Also coaching staff on customer loyalty programs.

Q: What did you study at NIT?

A: At NIT, I did a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering ‘Level 8’ from 2013 to 2017.

Q: Why did you choose a Bachelor of Automotive Engineering at NIT as your career path?

A: When I was doing secondary education, I took science subjects. At that time my dream was to be a pilot or an engineer, this pushed me to do PGM (Physics, Geography, Mathematics) in Baccalaureate.

My dreams were very much related to studies in transportation and aviation engineering, that’s why I first chose NIT to study bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering. My choice was due to many reasons, one was that I thought it would easily lead me to where I wanted to be in the automotive industry.

In NIT, there are different programs related to transport, logistics, aviation and import. It gave me the idea to go to NIT to start my engineering career. For which I achieved my goal and acquired additional knowledge and skills through the interaction of other courses that helped me in mechanical productivity and personnel management.

Q: How did you stay connected to the NIT alumni network?

A: In 2013, when joining NIT, there was no good learning infrastructure like what students see today.

There were not enough classrooms, not a good library, not a good hall, not enough staff offices and not enough teachers.

The changes started happening when we had just joined the Institute, they were happening so fast, the image of the Institute was changing, the transformation we saw was truly amazing, it made us feel proud and we to feel part of the transformation of the Institute.

We have a real affection and passion for our Institute.

This made us loyal to the Institute, loyal to each other as students, even after we finished our studies.

We support each other on job opportunities, we have whatsapp groups where we communicate closely and see what our NIT is doing.

We connect and follow LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

New infrastructures, new courses, government news concerning our Institute are monitored and discussed.

For those who are already employed, we try to recommend NIT students for job opportunities,

We recommend to our managers with confidence because we know how competent NIT students are.

This is how I and other NIT alumni stay connected.

Q: What advice do you have for the next generation who want to become an automotive engineer?

A: The automotive industry is one of the fastest growing industries. Automotive production is increasing, automotive design and technology are developing day by day.

My advice to them is, the industry is big with lots of potentials, there are so many opportunities in the automotive industry, so they shouldn’t be limited to just learning and trying new things, they shouldn’t limit themselves to thinking beyond the technology of the industry changes every day.

Q: What else are you passionate about? What motivates you at work, at home, in your community?

A: One thing I’m passionate about is mentoring and coaching/training others. I am someone who enjoys sharing what I know, helping and supporting others to grow and succeed.

At work

I like working with leaders who recognize me, trust me and give me visibility and who want me to take me to the next level of leadership. That’s exactly what Car and General is offering me here.

Fortunately, I have the support of the management, the HODs and the team which helps to motivate me and encourage me to do better in what I do.

At home

I like to stay with friends; share ideas, go out, travel, have fun and eat. This makes me happy.

in the community

I enjoy helping people, giving them advice and helping them solve challenges.

Q: What advice would you give the National Institute of Transportation (NIT) to increase the enrollment of women in engineering courses?

A: Take a referral from my company!

At Car and General, we have 2W and 3W conveyor assembly lines, more than 90% of available technicians working on assembly production are women. They manufacture the products with the best quality. They carry out tests themselves, do PDIs and check the quality of the products. They work with discipline and great integrity.

This shows that if given chances, they will give required productivity to all assigned tasks.

My advice to NIT

The Institute should start developing plans to reach secondary school students, giving them an overview of engineering courses and opportunities available, encouraging them to apply for engineering programs, giving them the opportunity to know how many engineering courses they can apply and study, it will open their minds and give them more options to achieve their dreams.

With testimonials from female engineers and technicians, it will help them gain confidence and inspiration to take engineering courses.

The Institute should start identifying companies that are linked to the programs offered and creating good relationships with different companies and organizations, sharing with them the engineering courses they offer, and then asking them to consider women in their job offers.

These two things will help increase the enrollment of women in engineering courses.

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