Release of The Darkest Tales on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

A teddy bear named Teddy. A lost owner. A dark and sinister adventure. The stuff of nightmares. This is Darkest Tales.

Available to buy and download now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Trinity Team’s The Darkest Tales and 101XP is sold as an action adventure game, one in which you play as a teddy bear in the fight of their life – to save that of their owner, Alicia.

You see, Alicia has wandered off and so Teddy must embark on a journey into the unknown, seeking to save her from a dark and nightmarish world in which many mysteries await her.

Set in a fairy tale world, Teddy will encounter all sorts of difficulties as the warped and slightly strange world unfolds. Luckily, this little guy comes with a host of abilities; in fact, he’s a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, equipped with a bow and melee weapons crafted from standard everyday items. Old Teddy will also have the chance to hang out with some of the most familiar characters, all drawn from the storybook world you know and love.

The key features and game ideas you’ll want to master are…

  • Happily Never After – You’ll meet familiar characters from your childhood, but the reunion likely won’t be a happy one. Gingerbread men are out for blood, Sleeping Beauty seems a few centuries behind her sleep, and The Little Mermaid looks more like a sea witch than an innocent child of the waves.
  • Teddy Scissorpaws – Turns out our hero is a jack of all trades. He crafted a bow and melee weapons out of a pair of scissors and uses needles as powerful arrows and grappling hooks. All is fair in a fight against the forces of evil.
  • Only Darkness Awaits – Each level takes place in a recognizable, yet warped, fairytale world filled with combat, obstacles, and secrets. On this journey, you’ll gain experience, master and develop your skills, and overcome a host of challenges, from battling bloodthirsty rubber duckies to exploring the giants’ castle in the clouds.

The Darkest Tale sounds a little weird – but it’s certainly full of interest and intrigue. We can’t wait to get our hands dirty for a full review. If you’re in the same boat, you’ll find a copy of The Darkest Tales on the Xbox Storeplayable on Xbox One and/or Xbox Series X|S for the pretty decent price of £19.99.

Description of the game:

Join a teddy bear named Teddy on this dark and sinister adventure to rescue its owner, Alicia, from the realm of dreams and twisted childhood fantasies. Who else will fight for the life of the now adult girl but her dusty, long-forgotten toy? The Darkest Tales is a complex and fascinating adventure, full of familiar characters and fairy tale landscapes. During the journey, you will have to confront the difficult questions of life more than once.

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