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Numerous laws aimed at protecting public health and the environment – including farmland, crops and vegetation – are blatantly violated by five illegal brickyards at Amtali upazila in Barguna. But the authorities have yet to take any action against the offenders.

The five brickyards had been operating illegally in the densely populated areas of Upazila for four to five years and resumed operations just days after their establishments were demolished by the Department of the Environment (DoE) on March 10.

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The wood is burned illegally and toxic fumes are emitted from these ovens using low rise “drum chimneys” which are also illegal. The kilns even have on-site sawmills where wood stolen from natural forestry is sawn to be burned in the kilns.

Kukua Government Primary School, Kukua Model Secondary School, Kukua Union Parishad Complex and the Union Government Community Clinic are located near the AMB Brick Kiln in Krishnanagar village.

Ibrahimpur Public Primary School is located within 150 meters from MSB Brick Kiln in Ibrahimpur Village, while Kaunia Government Primary School and Kaunia Ibrahim Academy Secondary School are only 100 meters from JBB in the village of Kaunia.

On March 10, the executive magistrate of the DoE, Rozina Akhter, in a walk in the unions of Atharogachhia, Kukua and Chawra in the Upazila, demolished the five brickyards – the MMB of Mahbub Mridha in the village of Raibala, the Five Star of Madhu Pyada in the village of Khakdan, the AMB of Abul Hossain in the village of Krishnanagar, MSB of Montu in the village of Ibrahimpur and JBB of Ismail Hossain in the village of Kaunia.

Kamruzzaman Sarkar, deputy director of the Barishal DoE, and members of the Rapid Action Battalion-8 from Patuakhali camp participated in the campaign.

As the same ovens are now back in business within a short period of time, worried residents are now questioning whether the criminals are more powerful than the government.

Akbar Ali, a resident of Raibala village, said: “The ash and dust from the oven made our lives difficult in the village. You cannot eat or sleep well. The production of crops and vegetables has declined significantly. Fruit trees do not produce fruit. like before.”

Chan Mia, a resident of Ibrahimpur, said: “The smoke from the oven makes it difficult to see inside school classrooms. The dust and smoke from the oven cause breathing difficulties and respiratory illnesses among the villagers. . The oven has ruined the peace in our lives. “

Speaking with this newspaper, Mahbub Mridha, owner of MMB in the village of Raibala, said he took over the kiln after “handling everything”.

Madhu Pyada, the owner of Five Star in the village of Khakdan, however, declined to answer when asked how he restarted the brick kiln without valid documents.

When contacted, deputy director Kamruzzaman Sarkar of Barishal’s DoE said he would soon be carrying out campaigns to shut down illegal kilns again.

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