Save Money in 2019 Part 2

We know, it is convenient to go with your contactless card and get the little things daily, a snack, coffee, public transport, we refer to these as micro-payments. For example, let’s take into account a coffee and a daily sandwich that could cost you almost € 5 (round it up to € 5), in a week you have spent € 35! If you limit this to only 3 times a week, you would save € 20 per week, this adds up to € 1040 per year!

Create a budget


When it comes to saving money, the first thing you should do is set a budget on what you can spend each month and try to keep it. At first it may seem obvious but, when you know your limits, it becomes almost routine to continue saving. The best part of a budget is that when you are used to it, it does not seem to be different at all, it is in a state of constant savings and it all comes down to a simple action you are taking. Another positive aspect of the budget is that, if necessary, one day in an emergency, if you have to leave the budget, you still have a safety net available (and it is best that when you have been making a budget for a while, it will be given realize that it has a bigger network than you thought).

Use a savings account


Open a savings account and make sure that when you receive your paycheck, enter the same amount into the savings account monthly. This is a safe and proven way to keep saving. If you acquire the mentality that your payment every month does not take into account the amount you use for savings, you do not even realize that you are saving (this is the best way to save). You may want to think about setting up a regular payment on (such as a direct debit) in your savings account.

Have you had your credit card for more than 2 years?

Have you had your credit card for more than 2 years?

When it comes to a new credit card, are you sure you have the best possible offer? Many cards may not be the offer you are looking for, here at Good Finance we can help you find the best offers for credit cards. The offers we provide to you have been carefully selected to adapt your wishes and needs as you complete a short form that lets us know what exactly you are looking for. Using this we know what would be the best options for you.

Do I really need that?

This may be a very simple question, but asking yourself can be a good idea when you are looking to save money. When trying to save money, try to focus on the essentials. If you think with a budget in mind, then you will decrease your spending on products you already have, also if you have a budget and at the end of the month you have enough reserve and, of course, consider that item as a reward to save so well!

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