Sharon Osbourne plans revealing book | Entertainment

Sharon Osbourne is going to write a book and “tell it all” about her time on “The Talk”.

The 68-year-old star recently left the panel under controversial circumstances following an investigation by producers after a heated on-air exchange over the breed, after she was confronted with co-host Sheryl Underwood for having defended her pal Piers Morgan for his comments. fact about the Duchess of Sussex and she’s keen to give her side of what happened, whatever the consequences.

She said, “They paid me for my contract and I walked. There weren’t ten million [settlement] and all that. I don’t want anything from them. I don’t want to sue them. I’m going to write a book. I’ll tell it all.

“They didn’t gag me. I would never sign a gag order so I can do whatever I want. “

When asked if she was worried about the consequences, she replied, “I don’t give like *** because I’m in a position where I’m blessed and I know I am. I have my family, my husband takes very good care of me. I never wanted to be the biggest or the best. I live my life, that’s all.

And the former “X Factor” judge – who has three children with her husband Ozzy Osbourne – never expects to work on American television again.

She told You magazine, “Oh no, they’ll never leave me. You’re kidding. With these companies having all the networks, they will never have me.

“I’m going to write a book. I’m gonna do a podcast and we’re negotiating a movie about Ozzy’s life story. I will produce this.

Sharon is tired of living in Los Angeles and wants to return “home” to England, but it is a difficult decision to make as her grandchildren have moved to the United States.

She said, “Look, you don’t wanna be in LA, mate.” It’s not nice here anymore. No more homeless. Everything is blocked because of the coronavirus.

“I want to go back home. Ozzy always says, “Where are we going to hang our hats and experience our final chapter?”

“Honestly, we don’t know. We have our grandchildren here and my son is divorced so he can’t take the kids out of California. It’s really tricky. At least when we can travel it will be nice to come home and just be free.

“I know what I am,” says Sharon Osbourne defiantly. “I know my flaws. I know I behaved badly, I didn’t behave professionally, but neither did they. I know my role, but I know I’m not a racist.

n admits she swore and made mistakes under the pressure of an unexpected on-camera attack from people she thought were friends, but says the producers put her in place. “I didn’t expect to be 68 and have all of this on me. I don’t want my legacy to be, “Well, she was racist.” I mean, it’s crazy. This is simply not true.

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