Subcontracting Examiner | Man apologizes for ‘stupidity’ in sexual abuse case

SUBLETTE COUNTY – Emotions were running high and strong during the sentencing hearing for Donald K. Woodward, 75, who pleaded guilty in February to taking immoral and indecent liberties with a girl under 17 years.

Woodward’s competence and health had been called into question after being charged in July 2020 with third-degree sexual abuse of a minor. In 9e On May 27, Woodward and his attorney Geoff Phillips told Judge Marv Tyler via video conference that Woodward was awaiting testing for Alzheimer’s and Parkison’s disease.

Sublette County Deputy Attorney Clayton Melinkovich and Phillips had drawn up the plea deal for Woodward, recommending five years of supervised probation and no contact with underage children. Deputy prosecutor Stan Cannon replaced Melinkovich, who was out of town.

The girl had seen Woodward as a “trusted uncle,” her mother told Judge Tyler over the phone.

But the girl had nightmares after Woodward – “a dirty old man” – showered naked and was afraid his family would be killed. “We have moved to another house and now she can begin to heal – she is a survivor.”

She asked the judge to impose a permanent restraining order against Woodward “from today”. Woodward looked very upset when the mother spoke of her daughter’s pain and healing. She also said Woodward shouldn’t get off easily with five years of supervised probation “just because of his age and Alzheimer’s disease.”

Cannon explained that the five-year term is much longer than the usual three years and requires the approval of the judge, which Justice Tyler agreed to. He was only valued $ 125 in fees due to his limited financial situation.

Woodward also spoke, apologizing to the girl, her family, and her family for her “stupidity.”

“I destroyed the trust and love she had for me,” he said. “I’m sorry.… I pray that the little girl can live a happy and healthy life.

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