Supersocial gets $ 5.2 million to build games and experiences for the Metaverse

Today, Supersocial announced that it has raised $ 5.2 million in seed funding to develop games and experiences for the Metaverse, starting with the Roblox platform. Backed by investors such as Initial Capital, Griffin Gaming Partners, Warner Music Group, and Marc Benioff’s TIME Ventures, Supersocial has assembled a team of industry veterans working alongside native Roblox developers to bring a new level of finishing and craftsmanship at the platform.

The company is preparing to launch next-gen games and experiences for the Metaverse, starting with the original IP on the Roblox platform.

Supersocial was founded by serial entrepreneurs Yonatan Raz-Fridman “Yon” (CEO) and Pedro Romi (CFO), who respectively founded successful, venture-funded internet and consumer tech companies Kano and Retroca, joined by co-founders Luiza Justus (Creative Director) and Tatiana Wlasek (VP Marketing & People Experience).

The seed funding was led by Initial Capital (founded by the serial entrepreneurs behind Playfish who led seed rounds for Supercell, Hutch Games, Nexmo, Supersolid and Space Ape), with an investment from Griffin Gaming Partners ( investors in Discord, AppLovin, Skillz, Forte), Warner Music Group, TIME Ventures by Marc Benioff, LightShed Ventures (investors in Genvid, Cameo), Powerhouse Capital (investors in Calm, MasterClass), Aream & Co and prominent angel investors . Supersocial is thrilled to join this distinguished roster of experienced entrepreneurs and investors who share their vision for the future of gaming and the metaverse.

“It’s inspiring for the future of our business and the metaverse itself when such insightful businessmen can see the horizon you wish to travel to and help cut your path,” said CEO Yon Raz-Fridman. “The experiences we envision building at Supersocial are not just ‘games’, they are worlds that exemplify our approach to life in the metaverse. The relationships and experience that our benefactors bring are equally valuable to us. than any financial result. “

Ken Lamb, co-founder of Initial Capital, who has joined the board of Supersocial, said: content, massive multiplayer online worlds and a fusion of “real” and “virtual” worlds on platforms like Roblox and other emerging metavers. At Initial Capital, we have been intensely focused on partnering with the next generation of leaders in this emerging and rapidly changing world and are delighted and honored to partner with a visionary like Yon and his amazing colleagues at Supersocial. “

Brandon Ross, Partner at LightShed Ventures, added, “Roblox has created the largest current building block in the Metaverse and the only place with the tools for anyone to become a developer of great experiences. Nonetheless, a few professional studios will lead the charge in delivering even more immersive experiences on the platform. Supersocial tops the list and we look forward to the launch of Ghostopia. “

The company is currently preparing several titles for launch on the Roblox platform, including the highly anticipated Ghostopia Experience – a multiplayer RPG set in a haunted world where life meets the afterlife, where players build and decorate. the haunted mansion of their nightmares.

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