the imperceptible error that only the Spaniards noticed

Since the fifth season of Money theft came to Netflix, fans keep revisiting the series and finding some pretty glaring bugs. Is this the creation of Alex pina has proven to be a compelling fiction, as well as an inexhaustible source of carelessness in continuity. Items appearing and disappearing, costume changes, and even dead characters still breathing are just a few of the slips.

Likewise, the Spanish series made some mistakes in its ending with regard to its plot. For example, the inconsistency has been exhibited in figures like those in Arturito, Stockholm, Rafael and Tatiana, who received enormous context about their past life, but the closure of the Red N phenomenon did not meet the expectations of platform users who were expecting something more.

However, there was an inadvertent mistake in the outcome of the heist gang story. Yes only those who live or have visited Spain at some point, will be able to capture it. After the flight in the first two seasons, Coin and stamp factory which gave the main characters international fame, in the last three parts they decide to execute a coup d’etat in Bank of Spain take the entire reserve of the country.

In each of the episodes, the imposing building and a setting with a budget at Netflix level were visited. However, the exterior images feature an impeccable facade that simulates the Bank. Far from being in real life, it is in fact the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, situated in New ministries. Faced with its income, the series shows a subway station which indicates: “Bank of Spain”.

Nothing is further from reality! Not only is it not located in this area of ​​town, it is called “Bank of Spain”. Besides the error in the name, there is really the stop “New ministries”. Although it does not affect the plot, this symbol once again demonstrates the unreality of Money theft. And there is no problem with that! Despite its low credibility, the series has achieved its goal of attracting millions of users around the world.

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