The night owl problem: the surprising reason late sleepers are less happy | Life and style

Name: Night owls.

Age: They come at all ages.

Appearance: Tired and miserable, at least when the rest of us see them.

What do you mean by us? Early risers.

I am not an early riser. I just wake up because my alarm clock is ringing. Well, at least you’re happy.

I am not happy. I hate my job. You are happier than the night owls, anyway.

Who says? Science.

Sciences who? Science in the form of a Journal of Sleep Research article titled The Mediating Role of Perceived Social Support in the Relationship Between Morning-Evening and Subjective Well-Being …

I don’t even understand the title. The study, from the University of Warsaw, strengthens previous evidence that being an early riser is positively related to reported happiness.

And isn’t being a night owl? “Evening-oriented individuals have greater difficulties with self-regulation, as well as a reduced ability to process and regulate negative emotions,” according to the study.

But why should it be? No one really knew for sure – it could be extra daylight or better sleep patterns. But this new study suggests that another factor is at work.

What other factor? The idea that morning people receive – and perceive – higher levels of social support from friends, family and loved ones.

Everyone loves early risers. Or, more likely, they don’t like delays: being slow and uncommunicative in the morning can elicit strong disapproval from, say, parents of groggy teenagers.

It’s a prejudice, that’s what it is. It is also believed that morning people are better aligned with the schedules of many common social activities – school, work, etc. – which take place during the day.

Pure and simple discrimination. It’s entirely possible. “No type of chronotype is worse or better, it’s just that some people have a natural preference for going to bed and getting up early, while others prefer a later daily schedule,” the author said. Study principal Joanna Gorgol in a conspiracy plea.

If they taught chemistry at midnight, I might have another bac in my name. More importantly, social support is itself a powerful predictor of subjective well-being, which in turn can lead to better sleep.

Sorry what? I was yawning too loud to hear you. No matter.

Say: “Going to bed early and getting up early improves your posture for all to see. “

Do not say : “So I like to stay awake all night and sleep all day in a coffin. Do not judge me.

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