The story of “alien abduction” may have originated from a lucid dream, research tips

Lucid dreamingStudies suggest that people are partially aware and may explain the so-called alien abduction story, which allows them to control their dreams while asleep.

Allegations of such a kidnapping date back to the 19th century. Abduction situations often seem dreamlike and cause feelings of fear and paralysis. Certain dream states are also known to produce such emotions, and Russian researchers are wondering if dream experiences can provide clues to extraterrestrial experiences. Scientists urged lucid dreamers to dream of encounters with aliens and unidentified flying objects (“UFO), And found that many sleepers report dreams that resemble the actual portrayal of an alien abduction.

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During lucid dreaming, sleepers realize that they are dreaming and can use this awareness to manipulate what happens in the dream. According to a 2016 newspaper poll, about 55% of people experience a lucid dream at least once in their life, and 23% lucid dream at least once a month. Consciousness and cognition He analyzed 50 years of sleep studies.

Recently, researchers at the Phase Research Center (PRC), a private facility in Moscow that studies lucid dreaming, dreamed of lucid dreaming, asking them to “find or summon aliens and UFOs.” We carried out an experiment on 152 adults who recognized it themselves. , Scientists reported on July 2 International Journal of Dream Research..

The researchers found that 114 participants said they dreamed of having some sort of successful interaction with alien life. According to a poll, around 61% said they had encountered “aliens” who looked like alien life in science fiction and movies, and 19% said they had encountered aliens who “looked like ordinary people.” ..

Little blue man

One participant said she saw a “little man” with blue skin, an oversized head and huge swollen eyes, the study authors reported. When the aliens invited her to their spaceship, she said, “I was blinded by a very bright light, like that from a searchlight.” “I lost my eyesight and became dizzy and light-headed.”

Another participant dreamed of lying in bed when he felt “pulled somewhere” and ended up in a room with a white figure reaching his chest, “using tools. started doing something inside, ”the researcher wrote.

Conversations with dream aliens occurred in 26% of encounters, and 12% of participants spoke and physically interacted with aliens in their dreams. UFOs appeared at 28% of the conference, saying that 10% of dreamers who saw UFOs were brought into alien spaceships.

Up to 24% of those who describe encounters as “realistic” Sleep paralysis And intense fear. Such feelings are often accompanied by reports of alien abductions, and individuals who explain that they were abducted by aliens may truly believe what they experienced is genuine, but these people are lucid dreaming. The authors of the research reported that they are likely to experience extraterrestrial encounters indoors.

The paralysis, fear, and helplessness of vibrant dreams are so powerful that they can blur the line between dreams and reality so that people who dream without knowing it will steal them. It’s no wonder they claim to have encountered the aliens they were carrying. The principal researcher and founder of China, Michael Laduga, told them it was a UFO.

“The kidnapping is real,” Laduga told Live Science in an email to these unknown dreamers. “They just don’t know how to explain it.”

Originally published in Live Science.

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