The Weirdest Rules Of The Royal Family – Keeping Coats Not To Sleep Until The Queen Is In Bed

As Prince Harry has revealed the tensions he felt when he lived as a senior royal, the old-fashioned etiquette of the monarchy is once again under the microscope.

Harry opened up to Oprah Winfrey about the struggles of living under the strict rules that govern the monarchy in her recent Apple TV documentary and Meghan Markle has also spoken about her struggles.

Here, Daily Star examines seven of the Windsors’ most rigorously enforced guidelines.

No taking off your coat

The Royals are not allowed to take their coats off in public.

According to OK! magazine, the royal tradition declares that if a female member of the royal family were to remove her coat in public, it would be considered “un-adorable”.

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry all had to follow strict rules

If you wear an overcoat, male royals are also encouraged to keep it private.

Of course, some younger members of the monarchy are known to circumvent this rule.

No selfies

According to Meghan Markle, royals are not allowed to take selfies with fans.

She told a crowd in Nottingham in 2017: “We are not allowed to take selfies.”

Again, Harry is known to disobey this rule.

Sorry peasants, no photos
Sorry peasants, no photos

Always bring a black outfit

The royals travel a lot – and that comes with a lot of baggage.

Among the staple pieces of their travel wardrobe, they are – rather sinister – bound to always wear a black outfit.

This is to make sure they look appropriately dressed if someone, like a dignitary, politician, or even a family member, dies unexpectedly.

Royals must have a spare black outfit
Royals must have a spare black outfit

Walk behind the queen

As the head of the royal family, the Queen will always be seen in front of others.

During public engagements, Her Majesty will precede the others, who must also bow or bow before her.

In 2018 then-US President Donald Trump met the monarch at Windsor Castle as part of his four-day ‘working visit’ to the UK – and part of the historic meeting consisted of inspect the troops together.

In a comedic moment, as he walked alongside her to inspect the Coldstream Guards, he appeared to be having trouble steering – and blocked her.

Trump walked in front of the Queen, the monarch overshadowed by his large frame.

No overtaking on the sunny interior lane
No overtaking on the sunny interior lane

Male members cannot wear shorts after the age of eight

While male children in the family will rarely be seen wearing shorts, it is customary for them to be worn until they are only eight years old.

After this age, boys are allowed to wear long pants.

Female royals are also never allowed to be photographed during an official or public engagement in a pair of shorts.

The royal family at Prince William's wedding
The royal family at Prince William’s wedding

The tiaras are for after 6 p.m.

Tiaras are reserved for formal occasions and evenings in the royal family.

A staple for any royal bride, Marie Claire previously reported that a tiara or crown cannot be worn until 6 p.m. because diamond headwear is considered “formal wear.”

No sleep while the queen is awake

At gatherings, it is a tradition that everyone refrains from going to bed until the Queen has chosen to do so as well.

One is wide awake
Royals can’t fall asleep until the Queen goes to bed

In her book The Royals in Australia, the Queen’s former private secretary, Sir William Heseltine, notes how Princess Di found this rule so harsh that she regularly broke it.

“For Diana, the long royal evenings were agony,” he wrote.

“There was about an hour in the living room where everyone was sitting chatting.

“And Diana was taken to such extremes that she apologized and went to bed, which was considered pretty bad form, lying in front of the Queen.”

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