Too little, too late as politicians, pundits and other fans finally wake up to what’s going on

I think it’s great that some fans, pundits and politicians have started to rebel against the domination of football by big money and a small elite.

However, I have to ask this question.

What took you so long? This process has been going on for at least two decades.

Let’s start with the fans.

I thought it was really heartwarming to see ‘The Big Six’ fans protesting against the European Super League proposals, but the domination of football by a lot of money and a small elite has massively benefited their clubs. , and I don’t remember many cases of complaining about this in the past.

Would they be prepared to go in the opposite direction and have a situation where money, power and trophies are distributed more evenly among the clubs?

Part of the magic of the FA Cup was that any team in the top two divisions could believe their name was on this trophy, but now we have a situation where it is almost always won by one of the clubs in elite. Would they want to go back to the way things once were?

I also have a furtive suspicion that a large part of their global fan base would probably still prefer to see them play regularly at players like Real Madrid or Juventus instead of Burnley and Brighton.

Now let’s look at the experts.

They might be mad at the current proposals, but they have backed up this narrative that some clubs should appear in the Champions League and win trophies regularly, while some other clubs should just be happy to survive and be grateful for have the chance to meet “the big boys”.

You hardly ever hear the pundits challenge fans of the ‘Top Six’ sense of entitlement, when they will regularly tell fans of other clubs that they need to know their place and be careful what they want.

Finally, let’s look at the politicians.

I watched the debate in parliament when Chi Onwurah spoke about how Mike Ashley was running Newcastle United. Many of the southern Conservative MPs who were present treated everything like it was a bit of a joke, but suddenly now they are interested in the state of football?

When I have contacted the Minister of Sports in the past, you get the basic response that Mike Ashley has passed the aptitude and suitable person test. As far as they are concerned, all is well.

It’s not just Newcastle United, however, where an owner abused his position and fans have been helpless to do anything. This has happened at other clubs such as Charlton and Blackpool, but politicians and the people running the game have been very happy with the status quo.

So I think it’s great that all of these different people are now looking at the state of football in this country, but as far as I’m concerned it’s a case of too little and too late.

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