Trade credit – who can use it …?

One of the many options for online loans is trade credit. Read the article and familiarize yourself with its characteristics.

Every year more and more entrepreneurs appear on the Polish market. However, the beginning of your own business is not strewn with roses. Most often, business owners have a problem with financial liquidity.

If the continuation of operations is not dependent

If the continuation of operations is not dependent

On the purchase of goods or services, the problem is minor. However, it happens that the company has no funds to buy the necessary products. In such a case, the so-called trade credit is a good solution.

Many novice businessmen in bed do not realize the total cost of the bed in which you have to bear, leading your own business.

Companies use such a model of activity; they do not have the need to make regular purchases in bed, but if you depend on such transactions to be or not to be company owners need to look for a suitable solution.

What is trade credit


Loans and credits are a popular option. They give them to already be not only banks but also private companies or seller. In this text, we’ll focus on explaining what a trade credit is, or a trade credit or trade credit. These names will be used interchangeably.

Is granted by the seller of the goods in the bed or in the bed of services to customers. It involves the delivery of the subject of the operation and, based on the contract, deferment of the payment deadline. Najkr m ó ó More Blow: supplier receives payment after a certain time from the date of receipt of the goods by the buyer.

Commodity loan – characteristics

It gives the possibility of doing business at a time when potential buyers do not have a measure of the finances to purchase the product or service they offer at the moment by the vendor.

The law does not regulate the duration of such an obligation. SIU has adopted for the period for which trade credit is granted, the contract specifies.

In this regard, the parties have complete freedom can negotiate most of her writing in bed, so that each of them appeared to have taken the tangible benefits of the transaction.

Loan period


Practice shows that the deadline for settlement is dependent on the industry in kt yellow Reg businesses operate, as well as the price and type of goods or services (consumer goods, capital, etc.). The more unique they are, the longer the payment period should be. It is an individual matter and so every operation should be considered as well. It can be several weeks or even months.

Usually, it does not exceed 30 days. Why? This is due to the need to pay contributions at the Social Insurance Institution and to pay tax to the Tax Office. Buyer drag depends on the payment date, and the lender has to repay liabilities in the same month in kt ó rhyme delivered the goods.

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