Tyrone woman uses lockdown to write book about frontline life as a paramedic student

A Co Tyrone paramedic student living in England used the lockdown to write and publish a book on the life of a paramedic himself, which has sold around 450 copies on Amazon to date.

Traban-born Jordan McDaid is in his final year of paramedical medicine at the University of Gloucestershire at Cheltenham and earlier this year published “Wearing Green and Living the Dream”.

After reading the British bestseller “This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor”, the true account of author Adam Kay’s six years of medical training, Jordan wanted to create something similar.

“I read this during the lockdown and thought it was a great idea,” she said.

“I am on many Facebook groups where people ask questions about becoming a paramedic and how to go about it.

“I held this position for a few years before coming to England, and I only came because the course I wanted to do was not offered at home – it is now in Derry, but it happened then that I was already in second year.

“It’s not an easy course and people don’t know how to get started, so I thought there was a gap there. I saw what reflections I had recorded on my computer and turned them into short, light stories.

“It’s a very short and easy to read book. There is no medical jargon in this. I tell people how to keep trying different avenues if they don’t go into paramedical medicine the first time, which I had to do.

Jordan had to record reflections for her college portfolio, writing about the different jobs she’s had, how she felt and what she would do differently.

“I just wrote the book with everything that comes to mind,” she told the Belfast Telegraph.

“People love to hear the stories because I know myself, I loved watching TV shows that followed A&E or the ambulance service.

“A paramedic I’m friendly with started writing children’s books during the lockdown and self-published them on Amazon. She explained the process, it’s really easy and it’s ready in a few days.

“I released it in February and the response I got from strangers was really good. People search me on Instagram and send me message requests, thanking me for writing it.

Being a paramedic is no easy task, especially with an ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic, but Jordan said she still loves every moment and even seeks overtime on her days off.

However, the new author didn’t always know she wanted to be a paramedic.

From working in a care home during her A-Levels to teaching children abroad, the 28-year-old said she enjoys working with all ages, but wants to combine an element. health care, which paramedicine has enabled him to do.

“I was always in awe of the ambulances as they passed, wondering what they were doing or where they were going.

“I applied for the Northern Ireland ambulance service, where you start at the bottom and work your way up to becoming a paramedic. I didn’t understand and they don’t recruit often, so I came to England.

“It was a last minute turnaround because I was taking care of my grandma and he passed away in November 2018, so I figured I’ll do it on my own now. I started university in January 2019.

In addition to completing her internship on the roads, she also had the chance to secure a paid job as an acting emergency care assistant with paramedics.

Jordan will complete his degree in three months and then hopes to return to Northern Ireland to work as a fully qualified paramedic.

The West Tyrone native’s passion for her profession even persuaded her sister Niamh, 20, to move on from her sports studies degree in Liverpool, to now take the same paramedicine course in Cheltenham.

Jordan also recently took a personal milestone, earning his first £ 1,000 from book sales. ‘Wearing Green and Living the Dream’ costs £ 7.99 on Amazon, with the tech giant taking around 60% of that profit, so for every copy sold the writer gets around £ 3.

But she said she wasn’t there for the money, instead hoping her book would encourage others to pursue careers in health care.

She added, “Every day is so different and it changes in the space of a minute. The passion is still there for that, definitely.

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