Wear this Ratna to get rich, know its benefits

Ratna Shashtra describes various ratnas, when worn correctly; these ratnas can bring good fortune and keep you away from sickness and bad luck. Ratnas are believed to change a person’s life and turn odds into their favor. One of those famous ratna that we are going to talk about is Neelam. According to Jyotish beliefs, Neelam can bring rags to wealth. This ratna is dedicated to Lord Shani.

However, it is important to note that this ratna cannot be worn by anyone. On the one hand this ratna can bring rags to wealth, but on the other hand when it is a bad omen; it can make the rich poor. So, be careful before wearing it.

According to Jyotish’s calculation, a thorough examination of the Kundli of a person intending to wear this ratna is required. Let us know more about Neelam and its benefits. Some of the benefits of Neelam ratna are:

It immediately benefits those for whom it is considered auspicious

It helps to keep diseases at bay and one can get rid of health problems

It contributes to monetary gain

· There is prosperity in jobs and in business.

If Neelam ratna is a bad omen, then one can face various problems. Some of them are

· Neelam does not give the results that everyone wants. For people for whom this does not bode well, it can lead to health issues and problems.

It can lead to financial loss

There could be a major incident or accident

It is extremely important to know if it is a good omen for you before you wear it. Here are the ways to find out if Neelam bodes well for you or not.

Before wearing Neelam, you can keep it under the pillow while sleeping. If you don’t have nightmares and sleep soundly, then this ratna bodes well for you. If you have sleep loss, this indicates that Neelam is bad omen for you.

It is advised that if anyone encounters an accident after wearing this ratna, it should be removed immediately.

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