Whitmer blames Republicans for fewer “ tools ” to respond to …

Governor Whitmer appeared on the extremely liberal Sunday morning “Meet the Press” show yesterday to once again blame others for her failures. The state of Michigan has led the country in the number of new cases per population for more than 16 days and more.

Variety show host Chuck Todd asked Whitmer what changed from previous outbreaks in Michigan when she issued executive orders restricting gatherings of people and businesses in the state. In the past, Whitmer has proclaimed that his policies have been successful in pushing down the numbers for Covid-19.

At a press conference last week, Whitmer said:

“This is precisely why, instead of demanding that we shut things down, we encourage people to do what we know well… It is the most important thing we can do. This is not the problem of politics. It’s a variation and compliance issue.

It was not his fault (policy issue), the push was due to a “variant” and “Compliance issue”. The problem Are all states facing the same variant problem, why aren’t they rising like Michigan? A question Todd never asked Whitmer. When she points out the Michigan “compliance problem”, it means YOU are not listening to her and obeying her orders.

She might not have had enough attention to blame something all states are facing and blame the citizens of Michigan. She has now added those pesky Republicans in the legislature and Supreme Court to her list of people to blame for the surge in Covid-19 cases in a state she says she heads.

Whitmer’s response to Todd was:

“We are now in a much different position … On top of that, in the last few months I have been sued by my legislature. I lost in a Republican-controlled Supreme Court. And I didn’t have it all. exactly the same tools. ”

She went on to say:

“Despite these things, we still have some of the strongest mitigation measures in the country.”

Whitmer’s interview starts at 2:52 p.m.:

First, the Michigan Supreme Court decision did not bother Whitmer at all. She ordered the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to take her executive orders and issue them through their emergency authority.

Second, what exactly are these Gretchen “mitigation measures”? These strong mitigation measures that catapulted Michigan to the top of the country in the number of new Covid-19 cases per population for more than 16 days and more.

The big question that liberal activist host Chuck Todd might have asked is: What exactly are these governor’s “mitigation measures”? But he didn’t, I wonder why?

I have heard that she has a wooden sculpture in her office that says “the responsibility ends somewhere other than here”.

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