Woman from Warwick attacks victim with studded length of wood in front of screaming children – but is spared jail

A woman who attacked her boyfriend’s ex-partner with a studded length of wood, leaving him with a lump on his forehead, has been spared jail.

Michelle Harrison had pleaded guilty to assaulting her victim, causing her bodily harm.

Harrison (38) of Poins Close, Heathcote, Warwick was given a 14 month suspended prison sentence for two years by a Warwick Crown Court judge who said she had ‘clean shaven’.

Michelle harrison

She was also ordered to participate in a rehabilitation activity and subjected to an injunction not to contact her victim or to approach her home for two years.

During the attack, Harrison rushed towards his victim with a plank of wood with a nail driven into each end, and a “fierce attack ensued and she was punched in the face, head and chest. neck”.

As a result of the brutal attack, his victim suffered facial injuries and a number of puncture wounds.

In a statement, her victim said she had since suffered from nightmares and psychological trauma and feared leaving home with her children, who saw the assault on her.

She said she now had a gash on her forehead from one of the blows and damage to a ligament in one of her fingers.

Mr Simpson added that when Harrison, whose previous convictions included five violent offenses, was arrested later that day, she claimed she was acting in self-defense.

Ian Gold, in defense, said: “You will not hear any apologies from my client, through me, presented in court. She accepted the entire prosecution case. “

He added that there was a story at the time between the victim and his ex-partner, who was now Harrison’s partner.

Mr. Simpson added: “My client had no relationship with the complainant in this matter and barely knew him.

“She was the girlfriend and had no role in babysitting the children except to be home when they visited.

“However, the day before this incident, the victim’s new boyfriend was driving back and forth looking for my client and (his partner) while they were shopping.

“He shot the car at them twice, which they immediately reported to the police. But it took the police several days to try and examine the video surveillance of the incident, and it had been erased by then.

“On the day in question, my client was in very poor mental and physical condition. She suffers from epilepsy and multiple personality disorders, and she was recovering from drug addiction.

“She had very little recollection of the incident. She had badly beaten this lady in a savage way, and regretted it from that day until today.

“She has had over a year to worry about the consequences of what she has done and to seek rehabilitation, and she has done so in a meaningful way.”

In condemning Harrison, Recorder Levett told him, “This was a horrendous example of violence against a woman in the presence of her children.

“There were 12 separate hits, spilling blood in several places, including his head, and causing ligament damage affecting his work and causing a financial impact.

“The attack was not provoked, and it was a major attack. The children were screaming and could clearly see their mother being attacked by you.

“But I take into account your remorse, which I sincerely accept, and the efforts you have made to change your life since then. It was a close shave. Keep up the good work.

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