Woman who hijacked Alexa account to torment ex-boyfriend spared jail

A woman who accessed her ex-boyfriend’s Alexa device from over 100 miles away and then posted a nude photo of him on Facebook has been spared jail, with the judge claiming she acted by “jealousy”, demonstrating that “hell is not fury like a despised woman”.

Phillippa Copleston-Warren used an app to control smart devices at his ex-partner’s house in Lincolnshire, terrifying his new girlfriend by shouting ‘get the bitch out’ through her Alexa speaker.

The 46-year-old had previously pleaded guilty to a single count of disclosing private sexual photographs with intent to cause distress.

She claimed she used her joint access to the Alexa system and CCTV cameras to monitor her diabetic support dog, who was staying with her ex-partner after undergoing surgery.

But sentencing her to three months in prison, suspended for one year, Judge John Denniss said he didn’t believe the only reason she was upset was because of the dog.

He said, “There was an element that was mean, jealousy, revenge and irrational behavior that led to rage behavior in you.

“I use the word because it reminds me of the aphorism, ‘Hell has no fury like a despised woman’, and here there are elements of that fury.

Jacob Bindman, defending, said Copleston-Warren suffered from hypoglycemia deriving from diabetes which often caused difficulties.

He said: “While she was in an emotional state, she was also suffering from the effects of hypoglycemia and as the doctor clearly states, this can and does mean irrational cognitive function and irrational behavior considered aggressive. and unreasonable. This is something that has happened in the past and has created some difficulties.

The judge described Copleston-Warren as a “woman of exceptional character and demeanor” who had worked hard for charities because she was unable to seek paid employment due to her medical condition.

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